Thursday, March 23


Nicholas is one of "those" kids. You know the type... they have to say "hi" or "bye" until the person they are talking to responds back. He'll pick out one person at the grocery store, the restaurant, at church or at the twins' preschool and say the appropriate greeting over & over until he gets the same greeting returned to him. The other night, we ate dinner at Fuddruckers. While we were sitting down eating, an employee starts refilling the napkin receptacles that are located on each table. She's getting closer to the empty tables surrounding us. (Our "rule" when we all go out to eat... we should always look for a table far away from the other customers. Otherwise, we'll run them outta the place!) Once she's within earshot, Nicholas starts waving and softly says, "Hi". The employee either doesn't hear or is trying to ignore him. He says it again and again, no reply. And, again and again. By this time, she has passed our table & has gone on to the empty table on the other side of us. After a few more "hi"s, which got a little bit louder each time, she finally turns to look at him and says "hi" back. YEA!! He has made progress and can now move on to his next conquest. Honestly, the boy does not give up! He's persistent with his greetings! I wonder what this says about him?