Tuesday, February 28


Today, the number 8 holds a special place in my heart... it's how long I've been married to my love, Sammy. There have been many changes, struggles, deaths, births & several other life-changing events in the 8 years we've been married, but throughout it all, we have grown closer & deeper in love. And, I thank God for that every day! I thank God for working on us continually so that we can be a model of love and devotion to our children. I thank God for softening my heart at times when I wanted out. And, I thank God for softening Sammy's heart at times when I'm sure he wanted out, as well. I thank God for being involved in our marraige and for shaping us to "be as one".

Sammy, thank you for being such a wonderful husband, friend & father. Our boys are so blessed to have you as their example of how a husband should treat his wife. And Sydney is blessed to have you as an example of how a lady should be treated.

I love you! Happy anniversary!