Friday, February 24

Like I said, ALWAYS the last to know...

So, after talking to Sammy's aunt, we discovered that his great-uncle does indeed own that lodge in Baffin Bay. And, we found out from reading it in a magazine!! How random is that?!?!

Now, if this were my family we were talking about, this would be normal. We don't have very close relations to our extended family. In fact, I have cousins and a whole slew of relatives in California that I've never even met. But, Sammy's family is pretty tight. They have family reunions constantly, Sammy used to work for his great-uncle and used to live down the road from him in Kingsville. We still see them pretty much every time we visit South Texas. It's obviously been a while since we've visited.

So, if you're ever in South Texas (and by South Texas, I mean really South!) and are needing a place to stay, be sure to look up Baffin on the Rocks and enjoy some good saltwater fishing!