Friday, February 3

Freakin' Out!

Sydney has this bad habit of asking people "What are you doing?", even when she can clearly see exactly what they are doing. For her, it's like saying, "Hi, how are you?" to someone. She does this ALL the time! So, this morning we were sitting at the breakfast table. All 3 kids were eating waffles & I was feeding them to Nicholas. (He still has a tendency to throw his food on the floor, which really annoys me! I'd rather just feed him myself than help him to learn his independence.) In the middle of breakfast, Sydney asks me, "Mommy, what are you doing?" She can obviously see that I'm sitting across the table from her feeding Nicholas, so I just give this exasperated sigh & then Samuel chimes in, "She's freakin' out."

Hmmmm... wonder where he heard that?!?!