Wednesday, February 22

Laundry & Debt

Somebody recently commented how it was great that I could keep 4 kids (my own 3, plus the one I babysit during the day) and get all my laundry done. HA!!! What a joke! I have a love/hate relationship with laundry... I HATE having so much laundry to do, yet I am so very thankful for all the clothes/linens that we do have. And, I am thankful that I own a washing machine & a dryer. It's always hard to feel sorry for yourself when you think of the alternative.

We are $60 away from paying off one of our bills that we had originally put on the back burner. YEA! This really feels like a huge accomplishment & makes all the little extra odd jobs we've taken seem very worthwhile! I am anxious to make an even bigger dent in our debt. So, if you see me spending frivolously... STOP ME!


Becky said...

Amberly...this is funny because EVERY time I'm at your house, you are folding laundry. I always wonder about how much laundry you have to do! It seems like way more than me and there's only one kid difference. How many loads do you do a week?

Amberly said...

Oh my goodness... I'm not sure I could even estimate how many loads I do in a week. I could easily and without a doubt say 7 loads a week at the minimum, but it's probably closer to 10 loads a week. However, that is entirely my fault. I have a problem where I clear out all the hanging towels almost daily & throw them in the laundry basket. And, instead of picking up clean clothes that the kids have left on the floor & folding them or hanging them up, I'll throw them in the laundry basket, too. For some reason, I never like to wear things twice & it has passed on to my kids, but I am in the process of changing that mindset. If I can get out of that habit, it will really help cut the loads of laundry I do in a week, plus it will help save money. Wish me luck!

Anonymous said...

Amberly, your dirty laundry reproduces faster than bunnies and your laundry bin is a bottomless pit! There truly is no end to washing, drying, and folding clothes at your house. I've experienced it personally. (grin)