Sunday, March 19

Home Sweet Home

Well, after leaving Belton around midnight... a flat tire at 2:15 am... and rain the entire way... we finally made it home very early this morning at 3 am! All to avoid the Sunday spring break traffic! And, when Mom called this morning to tell me that traffic in Bastrop was bumper to bumper, we realized that it was, in fact, worth the tiring drive home last night. We're glad to be home, cozy & warm, instead of on those very slick roads. Just coming into Dallas, we passed 4 wrecks... at 3 in the morning!!! Some were multiple vehicles, some were single cars that had spun out of control. At first, I thought maybe we didn't have any traction on our tires, because we kept hydroplaning and skidding on the highway. Then, when I saw all the wrecked cars, I realized it just must be the super slick roads. Needless to say, I was going slow & had both hands at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel. I got honked at once (again at 3 in the morning... what were they thinking?!?) for going too slow in the left hand lane while passing a wreck on the right. Dallas drivers are insane!

We had a great time visiting Mom & Dad and can't wait to go back again. When we do, though, I'm going to remember the Benadryl and the breathing machine. Those Central TX allergies are the worst!!