Saturday, December 27

Cross Country Field Day

The kids' school recently held a cross country field day. Each grade was able to participate & a great run was had by all!

The Brent school divides the children into two teams... Team Azure & Team Gold. Depending on which team you are on, you will wear that color of shirt on "house event" days. Throughout the year, the students participate in small competitions that pit the Azure & Gold teams against each other. Even the teachers get involved, as they are also assigned a "house color". It is all in good fun & the kids enjoy participating in some healthy competition events.

During the cross country event, each grade was assigned a certain distance to run. The younger kids ran one small lap, while the first graders ran two laps & it increased from there on. The middle & high schoolers were assigned a certain amount of laps to complete around the entire school grounds. It was fun cheering for our family's house color, Team Gold!

Nicholas in his gold shirt before we left the house that morning. He insisted on wearing Mommy's tennis wrist bands, saying they would make him run faster!

Teacher Malen warms up Nursery A with jumping jacks before heading onto the track field

And, they're off! The Nursery kids are running the loop...

Nick proudly poses with his posse of girlfriends...
(L to R: Chan Woo, Seo Jin, Nicholas, ?? & Ava)

Samuel & his friends are patiently waiting their turn to run
(L to R: Lawrence, Daniel, Samuel & CJ)

Samuel & Sydney pose with their British/Filipino friend, Lawrence

The remainder of the cross country event pictures can be seen here...