Tuesday, December 30

Silly Kids...

For the Christmas break, I allowed the kiddos to push the boys' twin beds together so they could all sleep in the same room. Last night, they were having a particularly difficult time settling down, so I closed their bedroom door, which they strongly dislike! After a minute or so, Nick opened the door & walked into my room. This is how our conversation played out:

Nick: (very sweetly) Mom, can we play quietly in bed?
Mom: No
Nick: (even sweeter) But, can we just do this? (He then proceeds to lay on the floor like he's laying in a bed & wave his arms & legs in the air, like a bug stuck on his back.)
Mom: No, Nicholas
Nick: But, can we just do this? (He is still laying on the floor on his back, but puts his arms & legs down & just starts moving his mouth, like he's talking without sound.)
Mom: No. It's time to close your eyes & sleep.
Nick: (very irritated now) Well, can we even breathe?

Nice attempt at a guilt trip. They learn so young.


Today, Nick's buddy, Cade, is over playing. At one point, all the kids & I were in Sydney's room picking out coloring books. Maybe I missed out on some important conversation going on, but out of the blue, Cade turns to me & says, "My mom says I can't say 'piss piss' because it's a bad word." I had to stifle a laugh & turn away before I nodded in agreement. I wonder if there's a story behind this... Tamra??


Tam, Matt, Cade said...

Ha Ha Ha, I can not stop laughing! So glad to hear the lessons we teach Cade are carried over into your household. Yep, there's a story behind it. Ha Ha, I will have to blog about it now. So freaking funny! ;)