Saturday, December 27

More Twins!

Thank you for your prayers for my cousin, his wife & their twin girls. Their sweet angels were born on Friday, December 19, 2008. The girls are small, but mighty! And, as cute as can be!

David & Julia - CONGRATULATIONS!! We are so thrilled for your precious new family!

Julia & David holding their Christmas gifts

Ellie Jenay (3 lbs. 3 oz.) & Gracelyn Joy (3 lbs. 13 oz.)

(Although I'm not sure which girl is which in this photo, I'm assuming by the fullness of their faces, I've matched the names correctly. Someone let me know if I'm wrong...)


Gulley Gang said...

How exciting to have more twins in your family! The girls are SO beautiful!!!! Three pounds, are they home yet? Congratulations to everyone!

Amberly said...

No, they are not home yet. Still growing in the hospital.

Julia said...

Yes, you got the names with the right babies! I can't wait for them to meet their twin cousins!