Sunday, December 28

Nick's Christmas Program

Nick's lower school grades at school performed a wonderful Christmas program, complete with adorable costumes & a Christmas carol sung in different languages. Nick's class sung "Joy To The World" in Tagalog, the native Philippine language. Other classes sang the same song in Korean, Chinese & even sign language. It was so special & sweet to hear & see so many languages being represented in one auditorium.

Nick's class was dressed as singers in a choir. They sported white choir robes & cute red Santa caps. They sung a beautiful Christmas song, then ripped off their robes & caps to reveal cute matching Christmas tee shirts & red, dyed hair underneath. They then broke into a fun rockin' Christmas song! It was great!!

Nick in his white choir robe & Santa cap reading his music upside down. The boy is talented!!

Nick & classmates rockin' out!

Entire lower school kids on stage

Sydney, Nicholas & Samuel after the performance

Daddy & Nicholas

Papa & Mimi with Nicholas

All the great pictures from his program can be seen here...