Saturday, December 27

Treetop Adventure

Well, Mom & Dad finally made their long awaited Philippine debut!! Sam, the kids & I have anxiously been looking forward to their visit & now the time has come & sadly, already gone. They flew back to Texas yesterday, after spending 3 short weeks with our family. It was honestly way too short!! We already miss them terribly. But, while they were here, we made the most of our time together... showing them a few beautiful beaches, the local markets & some new adventures along the way... including this excursion at Treetop Adventure.

While we meant to go out for a zip line tour in the jungle, the Treetop Adventure park provided a much slower paced way to view the lush area surrounding Subic Bay. We sat in motorized chairs attached to cables suspended from tree to tree. The chairs s-l-o-w-l-y moved from one tree platform to the next, providing us a wonderful & very thorough view of the beautiful greenery below & all around. Although it wasn't quite what we expected, we did have a great time & ended our visit with two very fast paced adventures... the Superman experience & the tree-drop experience. Both so much fun!!

We captured so many great pictures of our adventure! You can view all the photos here.

Amberly, Dad & Mom all harnessed up

Neele, Amberly & Molly as Treetop Angels

Heather, Amberly & Julie

Dad showing his muscles & Mom

They made it across the suspended bridge!
Julie, Heather, Mom & Dad

Heather & Julie - Cable car partners

Heather doing her best Superman pose

Julie, Dad & Mom coming in from their last "adventure"

Amberly rappelling down "Mission Impossible" style... just like Tom Cruise!

Brave rappellers safely on the ground!
Molly, Neele, Amberly, Heather & Julie