Wednesday, November 19

Sydney Tells It Like It Is...

This morning, the kids woke me up for a change. After I finally got up, they all followed me into the bathroom and watched while I brushed my hair & teeth. While brushing my hair, I noticed for the 2nd time in my life, a couple of strands of gray/white hair. It's not hard to see these... they are short, wiry & stick straight up on the top of my head! I quickly yanked them from my scalp as Sydney watched in horror. She couldn't understand why I was pulling my hair out, literally:

"Mom, why did you pull your hair out?"

Me: "Because these hairs are white and they don't match my brown hair."

Syd: "Well, it's because you're getting old Mom."


I could have made a snide comment about her & her brothers being the reason my hair was turning gray, but I resisted. I'll take the gray hairs for them anyday!


Mimi said...

It's a good thing you refrained from blaming Sydney and her brothers for your few strands of gray hair.....She might have then figured out who gave me all my gray hairs! :)

Achilles said...

There's a saying in Asia when you pulled a gray hair or white hair. The more they will grow.

I started pulling mine when I was a teenager now I am 40 I have millions of them but I'm glad I am not bald.

julia said...

Just think--if she is that honest with you at home, what is she saying about you, and home, to her teacher??!! That is one part of teaching kindergarten that I love. They are totally honest, even when you know they are telling you things that their parents would be horrified about!

Dara said...

At least you only have a few gray hairs, which are pullable. If I pulled mine out, I wouldn't have much hair left! Of course, I started in with gray hairs at 21! Love my hair genes! Oh well!