Sunday, November 16

Sam's Boxing Match

Most of you don't know that Sam has been taking boxing lessons in Angeles during his weekday lunch hours. Since he works such long hours, he joined this gym to get some form of exercise in during the day. His trainer starting working with Sam on boxing moves & exercises & Sam quickly realized how much he enjoyed the drills. His trainer has also said how quick Sam is on his feet & that he has a strong, hard hit. So, he asked Sam if he would be interested in sparring one round with a guy who owns a bar & has a boxing ring inside. The trainer thought Sam & this guy were about on the same fitness level, so it would be a fair, even match. Sam agreed & we headed to Angeles on Sunday evening.

Sam waiting his turn

We followed his trainer to this so called "bar", which ended up being a barangay festival!! There were atleast 500 people in attendance. And the 1 round Sam was expecting to box turned into a possible 3 rounds! We found ourselves in the middle of a boxing exhibition with several boxers going up against each other. The entire situation was so hilarious!! And, of course, I was the only foreigner for miles... except for the trainer's Australian friend who lives in Angeles.


But Sam got all suited up, got up in the ring & boxed like a champ! After 2 rounds, his opponent had to call it quits, so Sam won his match! He was treated like a rock star afterwards. It was SO FUNNY!! Good times in the Philippines!!

Sam & his entourage! They all had bets on him.

Getting him ready

This was the hit that did his opponent in.

Celebratory dinner at C's afterwards

More pictures of his boxing debut can be seen here


Tam, Matt, Cade said...

Yay, go Sam! We were bummed we had to miss the match. What an exciting story and event. Glad he kicked some ass over there, hee hee! Can we have an autograph when we get back ;)