Sunday, November 30

Prayer Request

Please keep my cousin's sweet wife, Julia, in your prayers. She is almost 30 weeks pregnant with twin girls & the last I heard, she was admitted to the hospital on strict bed rest. (If this is incorrect, I'm sure my aunt or mom can respond with the most current situation.) Either way, I know David & Julia would greatly appreciate prayers for their precious little girls. We are thrilled that our twins will have another set of twins in the family!!

One quick question: Is it normal for a 6-year-old to pop her hip joint at will? Sends chills up my spine every time she does it.


Achilles said...

Some people can do a lot of flexing with their bodies. I think it is normal. I seen them move their nose,ears,fingers feet legs etc their bodies are very Flexible which is extra ordinary.

God Speed the twins.

Tam, Matt, Cade said...

We will definitely keep Julia in our prayers! Too cool you guys will have another set of twins in your family. Also, I use to pop my hip in and out as a kid. At times it would even get stuck which was painful! I wouldn't say it's normal by any means, but it can happen. I wouldn't encourage the behavior (not that you do) as she will weaken those muscles that should hold her joint in place.