Wednesday, November 26

Happy Thanksgiving

We will start our Thanksgiving celebration in 6 hours!! We have a great group of fellow ex-pat friends coming over to pig out with us at 4:00 for appetizers & staying for dinner at 6:00. There will be about 50 people here, so we have 3 turkeys, 2 hams & a rack of ribs... not to mention the numerous salads, casseroles & desserts everyone is bringing! Ugh... I will need to double my running time next week.

I hope you all have a wonderful celebration as well & enjoy the time spent with your family & loved ones. That time is so valuable!

Just one last bit of profound Thanksgiving trivia sent from my friend, MP:

If the Indians had given the Pilgrim Fathers a donkey instead of a turkey, we would all be having a piece of ass for Thanksgiving!




Thanksgiving Day: The first European arrivals seeking religious freedom in the “New World” were French

Tam, Matt, Cade said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Man, what a big party! Bummed we had to miss it, but we were having just as much fun at home. Cracked up at MP's insight, that's great! See you guys soon!

Feeny Family said...

Hope you had a GREAT Thanksgiving celebration! Wish we could have spent the day with you guys....
Hope to see all you guys soon!
Feeny Family