Wednesday, November 26

Car Accident - Follow Up

So, the massive car accident I mentioned in my previous post was a tragic one, as I suspected. Sadly, I learned this afternoon that 4 people died in that accident. Two were military men. And, the other two were parents of students here at Brent school. These children found out about their parents deaths during school this morning. (I believe a relative arrived to deliver the devastating news.) The youngest child is a 7th grade girl & her older brother is in 11th grade.

I cannot begin to imagine the pain those poor children are suffering through at the moment. Please say a special prayer for them. They just lost their mother AND their father! Breaks my heart.


Achilles said...

Don't worry so much about accident in the Philippines. Filipinos try to avoid car accidents because it is too expensive to be admitted in the hospital, to bury the victim,to give money to the victim and you can go to jail if you killed someone.

I never had an accident when I was driving in the Philippines. especially jeepney and taxi driver they are very cautious when they drive because of civil law suit and again it is expensive.