Friday, February 20

Nick's Idea of Family

Nick has lived a year & a half of his short life in the Philippines, so a lot of his ideas about everything are based upon what he has observed living here. Just a moment ago, Nicholas, Sydney & I were watching a Saturday morning movie. Two kids in the movie were taking a stray dog house to house, looking for its owner. As they visited the first house, a man was outside watering the lawn:

Nick: "Is that the gardener?"
Me: "No, it's the dad."
Nick: "Where's the gardener?"
Me: "They don't have a gardener. The dad takes care of the grass."

The two kids in the movie then walked to the next house, still looking for the dog's rightful owner. A woman answered the door:

Nick: "Is that the yaya?"
Me: "No."
Nick: "Is it the mom?"
Me: "Yes."
Nick: "Where's the yaya?"
Me: "They don't have a yaya."
Nick: "Why not? Why don't they have a yaya?"

Poor guy seriously could not comprehend it. We are all going to have a big adjustment moving back to the States!


Dara said...

Yes, there will be some adjustments... but we are so ready for you guys to make some adjustments and move back!!! Woo-hoo!!! Not much longer!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amberly,

I came across your blog researching the Philipines. My husband is planning on relocating us there. We currently live in Texas. I would be interested in getting your input on a smooth transition. :)