Wednesday, February 18

Soccer Twins

Sam & I were thrilled to watch Sydney & Samuel play in their first soccer game last week. They traveled to Angeles City with their Babybacks soccer team from Brent Subic & had a great time playing with so many wonderful little soccer players.

Samuel & his buddy, Ramon, guard the goal

Sydney practicing her kick

Sydney also discovered her first loose tooth on the same day, so she had a really hard time keeping her hands out of her mouth. She wiggled her bottom tooth almost the entire time she was on the field playing. She has her priorities...

I happened to mention to Sydney's teacher, who also helps to coach the Babybacks, that Sam asked me to purchase school shirts at the bookstore. He wanted us to show up at their game wearing our full support for the team. I must have caught her at just the right moment because she offered to have a few extra shirts made for Sam, Nick & I... at our expense, of course. So, I jumped on that opportunity & she helped me create our customized tees...

LinkWe really enjoyed standing in the hot sun & watching our sweet twins play their little hearts out! They won their game, but most importantly, they had so much fun playing! We can't wait to watch more games in the future!

You can see all the pictures from their game here.


Lindsay said...

Jake would be so proud!!!