Monday, February 16

Valentine Birthday

On Saturday, Sam surprised me with an exciting evening away in Manila. He had big plans for us that got sidetracked by a sick little boy. We contemplated canceling our reservations, but were reassured by our wonderful helper, Rosalie. She has raised 5 children of her own & is a 2nd mother to our 3 when we are away. So, with the promise to keep in touch via texting, we left for Manila Saturday evening in order to make an 8:00 pm surprise appointment.

We quickly checked into our hotel & I was thrilled to discover a few gifts awaiting me...

A dozen beautiful red roses!

Delicious molten chocolate birthday cake!

Sam made arrangements with the hotel to have the roses & chocolate cake waiting in our room upon our arrival. They got a little concerned when we didn't arrive on time & called Sam to check in on us. I assumed they were being overly hospitable, but when we arrived to beautiful, fresh flowers & warm chocolate cake, I realized they were in on the plan the entire time!

Sam then quickly ushered me back into our car so we would arrive on time to my big surprise of the evening. We ended up at Araneta Coliseum for a romantic evening with Peter Cetera. I love Chicago & Peter Cetera! (I can thank my older sisters for listening to great music while I was young & introducing me to some good tunes!) We enjoyed a fun few hours of singing along to our favorite hits.

He looks MUCH older than the Karate Kid video I used to have memorized, but he sounds just the same. Great voice!!

After the concert, we made it to one of our favorite Manila restaurants before they closed for the evening, People's Palace. We enjoyed delicious Thai food in a fun, outdoor atmosphere. The waiter then brought over a yummy mango dessert & wished me happy birthday. My sneaky husband did it again...

Although we didn't get to stay in Manila as long as we had hoped, we thoroughly enjoyed the few hours we did have together. We came home Sunday afternoon to a tired, but much healthier little boy & 2 other kiddos who were thrilled to have us back. Despite the constant worry that seems to plague every mom, I was glad to have a small break from the virus that has been attacking my kids lately. And, it was good practice for our upcoming anniversary trip in March!!

Sam, thank you so much for planning a wonderful getaway for our Valentine's Day! I love you!


Tam, Matt, Cade said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday, girlie! I enjoyed reading about all the fun you cool you were able to slip away and enjoy yourself!