Monday, March 9

Tooth Fairy's 1st Visit

The Tooth Fairy finally made her first appearance in our household a couple of weeks ago!

Samuel was the first twin to grow a tooth & he is now the first one to lose a tooth... although Nicholas has tried numerous times to lose several of his teeth! Nick does have a couple of "dead" teeth, but Samuel is the first to experience a pulled tooth.

The way the story was told to me, Samuel took a tumble at the playground with a few other boys & knocked his lower tooth loose (which was previously pretty solid). He came home that afternoon with a very wiggly bottom tooth. The next day, he went to the nurse's office, complaining that his loose tooth was bothering him & he couldn't eat his apples. So, the nurse assessed the situation & yanked that tooth right on out! Amazingly, his adult tooth is already coming in quicker than I expected... although, not quite in the same place. I see braces in our future.

Here is my shaggy-haired handsome Sam, minus a bottom tooth:


Sheri said...

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