Monday, March 23

Samuel's Illustration

I had to scan in this drawing done by Samuel intended for his brother. Nicholas had, apparently, been a little aggressive with Samuel soon after he got his cast on his arm. Instead of physically lashing out at Nick (because Samuel didn't feel good), he drew this picture for him instead:

(I love that you can see the anger behind the all capital letters & the exclamation point. And, the arrows pointing to a "mean" and a "nice" kid.)

He was quite angry when he brought this paper to me & asked me to please show it to Nicholas so he would understand how to treat Samuel.

It's so hard not to laugh in front of your child when they are being so serious & passionate about something like this. I promised Samuel that I would talk to Nicholas (yet again!) about treating others nicely. Samuel also suggested I tape this paper to Nick's wall so he will see it every day! :-) It is a great illustration!!


Tam, Matt, Cade said...

Oh how funny!!!! Poor Sam though, I hate that he broke his arm. Bless his heart!

Feeny Family said...

That is such a cute and funny picture! Oh, poor guy, it is no fun fracturing your wrist.. I speak from experience=) Hugs to all!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved the picture! It's so funny!

Hope Samuel is feeling better!

Love The Garcias

Lindsay said...

That is a classic. One for the books for sure. I love it. I love his idea of taping it in Nick's room. How funny! Way to use your words and to write them down for future reference, Samuel.

Achilles said...

That's so cute.

Another good love; My daughter said she hates kindergarden. I asked her why? she said because of home work.
I said "Ava you haven't attended kindergarden yet"

The Powells said...

This is hilarious and super cute at the same time! Sweet little boy!