Sunday, September 28

Nick's 4th Birthday Party

For Nick's 4th birthday, we hosted a fun pool party at his school swimming pool. The weather had us a little concerned since we had not seen the sun much the days prior to his party date. But, thankfully, we were blessed with a gorgeous sunny day & no rain during party time. It was perfect!

I wanted to do things super simple for the party (which is VERY unlike traditional Filipino birthday parties!), so we set out several bowls of chips & candy & iced juice drinks/sodas. (Several times, I had to remind my sweet helper, Rosalie, that I would not need her assistance making spaghetti or pancit or rice or any other dish that is typically served! Simple all the way!) I also purchased several blow up beach balls, blow up whales & octopus, water guns & bubbles. Instead of handing out party favors at the end, each kid grabbed several items as they arrived so they could play with it during the party. The pools were filled with plastic, inflatable toys! Kids were running around squirting each other with water guns. And bubbles were floating amidst all the chaos. It was fun!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the day & the rest can be viewed here:

Nick attempting to blow 2 party horns at the same time!

Samuel after devouring Daddy's yummy chocolate cupcakes!

Cute girls: Ava, Sydney, Phoebe & Rebekah

Titan & Griffin

Nick's best bud, Chan Woo

Sweet Sumin enjoying her lollipop

The whole crew wishing Nick a "Happy Birthday"

Dad, Mom & Nick with his "4" candle


Jonetta said...

Looks like a fun party for everyone. Maybe the Filipinos will adopt your tradition of "less is more" when it comes to birthday parties. Amby, you look so thin!! All that hiking is paying off...Way to go, girl!! Hugs & Kisses to everyone, Jon

Sam said...

As with any party, birthday or other, they are always a success and everyone has a good time due to the fact that Amberly has organized it. She puts everyone before herself and thats not always noticed. So I would like to do that now. Amberly is an amazing person, wife, friend and mommy! You can tell by how healthy and happy our kids look. And she gets stronger, smarter and more beautiful everyday! I love her and I am overwhelmingly blessed.
Here's to you Amberly!