Wednesday, September 3

Bed Hog

This is why I do not enjoy sharing a bed with Nicholas...

Before I took the above photo, I was laying on the left side of Nick & Sam was laying on the right side. We barely had any room to breathe. He just can't sleep vertically.

(Normally, we don't sleep with him, but he has been sick for the past few days & comes to get in our bed when he wakes up in the middle of the night. At that time, I'm way too tired & lazy to take him back to his room. And, to be perfectly honest, Sam & I usually sleep right through any bed intrusions from our kids. We love our sleep & don't like interruptions!)

Such a bed hog!


The Dentons said...

That is fantastic! My niece is the same way! I say go with it....sleep horizontal when he gets into bed!

JJBH said...

I love how his socks match his P.J.'s!

Jonetta said...

No matter which way he sleeps, he still looks so cute and innocent!! Hope he is well and back to his normal activities. hugs and kisses to the kiddos!! Aunt Jon

Feeny Family said...

Cute picture! He sure is conked out!

A hello from the Feenys to the Espinosas!
Have a fantastic day, right now I'm soaking up this cool weather=) It's great!

Mayet said...

ha!ha!ha! he is like my baby K, she's 10 months now and she's an early bird. and because I am breastfeeding once she wakes up, I take her to our bed so that I can get to sleep,too.but she occupies the bed!!