Tuesday, September 23

Four Years Old!

Happy Birthday, Nicholas

It is unreal how quickly my baby has grown up! I vividly remember my LONG pregnancy with him... all the complications & scares he gave us while in the womb. It should have been my first indication of how often he would scare me outside of the womb. One hernia surgery, two sets of stitches, two "dead" teeth & numerous scars later, my new 4-year-old is still going strong! He is definitely a tough kid. And, also a sweetie.

Here are some pictures of my birthday boy:

Drinking lemonade at a stand he set up with his classmates

Nicholas & Samuel at Nick's pool party

His new Power Rangers mask

Eating ice cream at McDonald's


Lynn Leaming said...

Happy Birthday Nicholas! Keep that sweet smile forever!!

Mommy & Daddy of 3 boys said...

Happy 4th Birthday, Nick!

Cynthia & Daniel said...

Have a Blast being four Nicholas!
love you,
Fresquez Family