Wednesday, September 24

Nicholas Stories

I wanted to remember a couple of stories about my recent birthday boy...

Last week, we were talking in front of the school with a few other friends. One of my girlfriends was sitting on the bench with her children, while Nicholas & I were standing in front of them. Nick bent down to get something, lost his balance (as usual) and smacked his forehead hard on my friend's bent knee. She immediately helped him up and searched for a beginning bruise or raised bump that might be forming where he came in contact with her kneecap. Instead, she told me, "I can't tell where he hit because he has so many scars already." Sad, but true.

Today, Nicholas came up to me and sweetly announced, "You are my best mom in the whole world!" Nothing melts my heart faster than hearing words like those spoken from my children. I eat it up!! Love that sweet boy!