Thursday, March 27


I love playing tennis. I would have never known had I not given it a chance, though. Actually, I took lessons in middle school, I think it was. (Or elementary. Not exactly sure, but maybe my mom remembers.) But, I didn't like it much back then. In fact, I don't remember anything about the game, except that I went to the high school tennis courts each day. That's it. However, I really enjoy playing now.

Thankfully, it is a popular sport here in the Philippines. Many expat women take lessons because it is so incredibly cheap here. Therefore, it has become an activity that binds us all together. When I lived in Manila, 4 of us ladies met atleast 2, sometimes 3 times a week to play doubles tennis. We would play for atleast 2 hours & had so much fun together. Here in Subic, I've been very blessed to be included in the FedEx ladies tennis games. They meet every Wednesday morning & play for 2.5 hours. It has been so neat to get together with these extraordinary women, play an exciting sport & learn a little more about life in the Philippines through their eyes.

I hope that I will be able to continue playing when I move back to the states. I hope that I can find friends that enjoy the activity as much as I do. And, I hope I make the time to continue doing what I love.

For now, I'm off to bed to rest up for another game of singles tennis tomorrow morning.


Hi! I'm Laura & this is my blog. said...

love tennis! i am SO excited to hear that lessons are cheap there. how cheap exactly?

Jenn said...

Well, I wish I could say that we could play together when you come home - but I have to tell you that I took tennis in college and was asked by the teacher to drop the class b/c I was so bad and she did not have time to teach me one on one! HA!

Amberly said...

Laura, I forgot to answer your question... sorry! Tennis lessons here in Subic are about $15 for an hour lesson. They might be just a little more in Manila, but maybe not. I took them at the Ascott in Manila with a coach named Edwin. Several people come into the Ascott to take lessons there or even just to use the courts. I can't remember exactly how much I paid there because it was all rolled into our 6 month stay there. But, it was very reasonable. If I'm not mistaken, I think it was about $85 for 6 1-hour lessons. So, actually a little less than Subic.