Friday, March 21

Good Friday

I have encountered quite a bit of culture shock while living in the Philippines, but this recent experience had to take the cake. On our way to the beach, we passed several groups celebrating Holy Thursday by publicly flogging themselves. It was very unsettling to see these men walking the streets, whipping their own backs that were already completely bloody & raw. I found a video that accurately portrays this disturbing ritual we witnessed:

As if that weren't bad enough, it is a Filipino custom to re-enact Christ's crucifixion on Good Friday. So, this is what happened throughout the Philippines yesterday:

I understand that these rituals are steeped in tradition, but I still cannot fathom anyone voluntarily injuring themselves as penitence. I have not read in my Bible where Christ has commanded or even asked that we do that. It seems to have turned into quite an Easter production that draws thousands of tourists to the provinces to watch the spectacle. So senseless!


Feeny Family said...

Hi. Mrs. Espinosa!
So, you saw people beating themselves too? We also saw some of them around Angeles yesterday and took some pictures.:-/ It sure can be disturbing. There was a 'crucifixion' near our market around 3pm, but I'm glad that we did not see that! That would've been too disturbing!
Anyways, besides all this culture shock, ;-) I hope that you all are having a wonderful Easter celebration!:-)

Lynn Leaming said...

I just told Steve about this this afternoon after seeing it on the news this morning. I especially could not understand the crucifixions. What the news report didn't explain is how long they stay on the cross? Surely they don't actually die do they? What is sad is all the things man tries to do on his own to get in better graces with God when it all it takes is loving Him. I need to remember that as well.

Amberly said...

Meagan, yes, we had a nice, relaxing Easter Sunday. Thanks!

Lynn, I'm not exactly sure how long they stay on. I think it's only for a few minutes... 10 to 15. I might be completely wrong, but I thought I heard that somewhere. And, no, nobody has died during these crucifixions. It's become a show.

AKILEZ said...

Sorry I am catholic but I don't agree with this video it's just too much and going to church can also heal your sins.