Wednesday, March 19

Nicholas Riley

I'm convinced this name means trouble! If trouble is around, this kid will definitely find it!

Here is a recap of 4 days last week:

Day 1 - Samuel accidentally shut the car door on 2 of Nick's fingers. I was already in the driver's seat, so I had to get out & run around to the other side of the car before I realized what had happened. He screamed for a LONG time! I had neighbors all around me asking what was wrong.

Day 2 - On one of those same 2 fingers, Nick gets stung by some sort of wasp looking insect.

Day 3 - Nick, Sydney & Samuel are chasing each other through a circular path in our house. Somehow Nick runs straight into the metal doorplate. Immediately, I could tell this cry was different. I ran right to him only to watch the bump on his forehead develop into a huge goose egg. It was evident where he hit because he had a dark, bruised line right on his forehead in the middle of the swollen area. However, he did not break the skin. It was bleeding under the skin, but thank goodness, there was no open cut.

Day 4 - Nick hits the very same spot on his forehead on the corner of the metal slide at the park! The skin, which is already very taut from the swelling, immediately splits open & blood comes gushing down his face. So, now he has a huge scab on his forehead that several people have told us should have probably required stitches. I think his poor forehead will eventually just be one big scar!

I am praying that he will develop a little more grace & balance before attempting any sports. If not, we will be setting up a medical fund in his name & accepting all donations.


Lynn Leaming said...

Poor baby! Maybe he just needs to wear a football helmet? :) Give the kids a hug from me. Would still love to have your new address to send some "goodies" I picked up for them.

Jenn said...

Oh poor Nick! The football helmet sounds like a good idea! But then I am not sure what to do about the rest of his body!? Maybe full football gear?! Hang in there! I got to deal with a full blown tantrum from Ryan today! Had to literally carry him out of Sharon's kicking and screaming! UGH! Miss you!!!!!

Feeny Family said...

Poor little Nick! I hope he's okay now.:-)