Monday, March 24

Got Skype?

If not, GET IT!!

I finally used my Skype account to talk to my sister & nephews last night. It was so neat! I could see them & talk as if we were face to face. And, the best part is, it's completely free! Completely! No hidden costs whatsoever. Unless you want to upgrade to more features & services, then you have to pay. Otherwise, it's a free & easy service that allows you to talk over the Internet.


Mom & Dad - First of all, you need a faster Internet speed. But, if not, maybe you can go somewhere else to use Skype. Like the...
Rice Family - Come on! The kids & I miss you guys! I'd like to see my handsome nephews & beautiful niece soon! And, of course, the kiddos are dying to talk to their cousins.
Aunt Cindy - We could wish you a happy birthday to your face tomorrow! :)
Uncle Jake - You & Sam could catch up in person & of course, the kids would talk your ear off, as usual.
GNO Girls - Download this so I can join you every once in a while on your girls' evenings. I miss you all terribly!
BAD Girls - I can "be" at the next book club meeting! And, all the following meetings.
Christy - We can talk face to face again & I can see baby Cooper when he's born.
Jennifer - I can join you for your early morning coffee time again!

I could go on & on. I am so thankful for amazing technology that helps me stay connected to my family & friends back in Texas. This overseas assignment would be so much more difficult without the conveniences of the Internet!

I miss you all!


Feeny Family said...

Hey, we have SKYPE too!! And LOVE it! It's so wonderful to see people across the world face to face.

Sarah F.

Anonymous said...

i have been meaning to set this up. s should i do this before i leave the US or should i wait til i get to manila? thanks for the reminder! free is great!!

Christy said...

I just about cried at the tought of seeing you/kids again! How do I do it? Do I have to have a camera. I guess I should ask Brian!!! I can't wait to see you!!

Feeny Family said...

Hi Mrs. Espinosa!
I enjoyed your pictures from Punta de Uilan.:-) Was that close to Subic? I loved many of your sunset pictures!:-)


Feeny Family said...
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Amberly said...

Sarah, I actually got the whole Skype idea from you & your sisters. So, thanks for telling me about it!

Laura, I set it up over here. It's all done online, so you can sign up & get it going anywhere. Now, you will want to get a Vonage phone account before you move. You'll have to get the Vonage box in the states, so get all that set up a bit before you leave.

Christy, I can't wait to talk to you!!

Meagan, the resort was about 45 minutes (or over an hour in Holy Thursday traffic!) north of Subic. We just drove up along the coast. It was an easy drive.

AKILEZ said...

Skype means Skyy vodka with lime and a 7 Up.

liza Owens said...

Hi amberly,
My hubby hubby is an american from texas as well. he uses skype to call his mom in the states. But his mom is not in the computer so much so my hubby just purchased a skype credit so he can get a local landline number in texas. His mom loved it as she can call my hubby for free. She can use her landline to call my hubby's PC for free. I am using skype too to call international as their rate is much cheaper :-)