Tuesday, September 18

What a difference a day makes...

Today was great! Wonderful, terrific, beautiful, superb and as Samuel said, FANTASTIC!!

Samuel has had a few rough days at school this last week & on Monday. I won't go into details, but he has kept me in tears and on my knees during most of my waking hours. (Why does it take rough patches in life to force me to open the lines of communication with God?) We have been doing a lot of talking about our feelings lately & have been setting some boundaries. I'm hoping that all the positive reinforcement, along with the constant cries out to God will do the trick. No, scratch that... I'm confident that it will do the trick!

Today, when I picked him up from school, I cowardly hid behind all the other moms, not really wanting to see the teacher, just in case she needed to tell me about another "incident" that occurred at school. I sent Sydney in to go get her brother. (I'm telling you... I am a wuss! I truly did not want to see his teacher!) But, when Samuel's teacher saw Sydney, she looked around for me & caught my eye. My heart stopped! "Dear God, please let it be good..." Then, I held my breath. I was so relieved to see her holding the thumbs up sign to me! WHEW!! She pulled Samuel to her & hugged him & in her Australian accent, asked him, "Samuel, did you have a good day today?" He looked back up at her & replied, "It was fantastic!" Music to my ears!

In the meantime, we would covet your prayers that he continues to have fantastic days ahead of him. I have been so giddy since picking him up from school because he did have such a great day. It's amazing what a difference this day has made!


Kristi said...

Praise the Lord!! I will pray for continued days like this.

BTW, anyone who packs up three kids and moves to another country is NOT a wuss!!

Lynn said...

It is great that Samuel has a teacher that is willing to celebrate the positives as well as the negatives. May Samuel continue to have success in his days and may you continue to be able to share with him yours and Gods unconditional love for him.

Stephanie said...

Oh, I'm so glad he had a fantastic day! We'll keep him and you in our prayers!!