Wednesday, September 12

The United States vs. The Philippines

There are numerous social differences between the two countries, but this one just makes me laugh... we all want what we don't have:

In the United States, this product is a hot seller in the stores! Many women (and some men) strive for the best, darkest tan. They think it's sexy!

In the Philippines, this product is a hot seller in the stores! Most Filipino women strive for the whitest skin tone possible. The whiter your skin, the sexier you are!

The grass is always greener...

(By the way, is it Thursday for anyone else reading this?? Because it's Thursday for me!! I'm a day closer to the weekend!)


eduardo waghorn said...

My God!
A huge change in your life, isnt it??
I think in Philippines many people speak spanish?
So...estás aprendiendo español?:))
Anyway, warm greetings from Chile.
I fould your blog casually...
Visit me if you want:)!

Mommy & Daddy of 3 boys said...

That is too funny!!

Jonetta said...

MYSTERY SOLVED!! we finally really know how Michael Jackson did it!! ;)

Dara said...

It's Thursday now (8:43am) ... but you are probably heading for bed at the end of your Thursday already!

Whitener and Tanner opposites really show the differences. I guess I need to move to the Philippines and look ultra sexy with my pale white skin! ha!!!

Anonymous said...

I guess you'll come back very pale white and very, very fit. I'm glad to see you have time to fit in the gym everyday. I'm very proud of you!!! Post your gym progress for us. Miss you! Christy

Anonymous said...

You go girly! When have you been able to spend so much time on yourself? That is great that you are trying to stay healthy! Good luck and please do keep us posted with your progress.

My parents say HOLA and wish you the best with everything!

philippine beach said...
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