Wednesday, September 19

Thank God!

Another fantastic day today!! I cannot express how grateful I am! I am overjoyed that Samuel is behaving better at school.

I realize we will always have bumps & obstacles along the way, but seriously... he had 4 rough days in a row! Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Monday! I thought something was terribly wrong. I thought we were going to get kicked out of Kindergarten during the second month!

So, thank you for your prayers for him (and for me!). They are truly appreciated!

Two more days to go. If Thursday & Friday continue to be fantastic, then he will get to go on a fantastic Daddy date to the local video game arcade. He is already pumped about that!


Dara said...

I know exactly how you feel!!!! Emma has had 3 "yellow" days at school so far. 2 of them were in a row. I sent a note home with her folder on the second consecutive yellow day asking if there was something I should address at home with her. All of her "incidents" have been separate events - related only in that she was too excited or involved in whatever she was doing to stop and listen to the teacher. Usually being to talkative... hmmm, I really don't know where she gets that?

You want school to be positive for your children and worry when they get stuck. And you don't want negative days to be "routine" for your child! I add Sydney and Samuel to my list when praying for good days at school!