Wednesday, September 19

Mt. Pinatubo Ash

In 1991, Mt. Pinatubo erupted, burying most of Angeles City & Clark Air Force Base... where we will be moving in January. Hmmmm...

Fast forward to 2007, when Texas Instruments decides to construct a new facility at Clark (now called Clark Special Economic Zone or CSEZ). Sammy & his team went to visit the new site a couple of weeks ago to see how much progress had been made on the construction. He took a picture that I thought was pretty darn cool! (Of course, I always wanted to be an archaeologist growing up, so I kinda dig dirt. Ha! Pun intended.)

* The top, dark gray layer is fresh dirt they recently turned over
* The second, light gray layer is older, packed dirt
* The third, white layer is solid volcano ash

Little bit of history there for ya... and geology!