Sunday, June 17

Hard Rock in Makati

We ate dinner tonight at TGIFridays. (Which, by the way always reminds me of watching Office Space, where Jennifer Aniston has to wear a certain amount of "flare" on her waitress uniform. These servers tonight had on TONS of "flare"!! And, because of her flare, we found out her favorite sports team is the Miami Heat. She said she liked the Mavericks, also, but I think she was just fishing for a bigger tip.) On our way home from dinner, we passed the entrance to Hard Rock Cafe, so we stopped to take a picture:

A couple of other things I've realized here:

* In the United States, they are typically fast to bring you your check at the end of a meal. Here in the Philippines, every single time we've gone out to eat, we always have to ask to have our check brought to us. Every time! Even when we eat downstairs in the hotel restaurant. Either it's just customary here to ask for your bill, or they are in no rush to get you out of the restaurant like they are in the US. Tonight we waited & waited & waited, until I finally mentioned that I really think we have to ask for the bill. Sure enough...

* They have some humorous remakes of American songs. Some are truly funny!!

* They have a Philippine Idol. The phenomenon has even reached over here! I wonder what their "Simon Cowell" character is like ??

* Fantastic Four is the biggest movie in the theater right now. Of the 5 screen theater, it takes up 3!

* There are police officers & security guards EVERYWHERE here!! Security is excellent! Which can be either good or bad... either they've had problems in the past & stepped up security to fight it. Or, they've just always been this secure & really are a safe country. Maybe we're just in a very safe area of Manila. You have to pass through metal detectors before entering malls & department stores. There is a security guard posted at the entrance of almost every building/store here. There are security guards at every underground walkway. They're just everywhere! Very safe & secure!

* It is very much like living back in Kingsville... hot & really, really humid! We're used to that!

Have a great Sunday & Happy Father's Day!!


Jennifer said...

Oh! I love reading what you are doing! It is 1:30pm on Monday for you right now and you are probably with the liason looking at homes and schools - I hope you take pics! I love hearing about everything!


Rachel said...

The customer service thing is actually very different in places other than the US - they don't want to bother you during a meal so they will wait for you to ask for your bill and sometimes other things also like refills, etc. It takes some getting used to because in the US we get irritated if people don't anticipate our every need!

Christy C said...

I'm having so much fun reading your blog, this is such a great idea. I can't wait to read it every morning when I wake up. I'm so glad you're having a great time. Can't wait to read more. How's the rainy season, what's that like??