Wednesday, May 20

Tennis Wednesdays

International Tennis Center - Subic Bay, Philippines

Every Wednesday, I meet up with my Subic girlfriends to play tennis from 9-11 am. These ladies have been playing long before I arrived here, so I'm very thankful they allowed me to join their group. And, I'm also very thankful they allowed me to stay when they realized what an amateur player I was. We have a great time together every Wednesday! I wake up on hump day looking forward to a few fun games of tennis, which is saying a lot for someone who is NOT a morning person! I will miss these ladies dearly, but look forward to playing tennis with them again someday soon. Let's plan on it!

(I took some fun photos from my last tennis Wednesday today. You can see them here.)

Wilma, Susan, Ratchinee, Amberly, MP & Heather

Action Pose