Thursday, May 28

Language Barrier

I posted a status update on Facebook that started an interesting discussion... I was wondering if I'll still use common Filipino phrases when I return to the States. I thought it would be fun to list those that have been mentioned in my comments section on FB. I'll update as more people comment:

US Version vs. Philippines Version

* McDonalds vs McDo
* Diet Coke vs Coke Light
* Last Name vs Surname
* Bathroom/Restroom vs CR (Comfort Room)
* Air Conditioner vs Air Con
* Refrigerator vs Ref
* Asking for your meal "to go" vs Asking for your meal "take out"
* Black Out vs Brown Out
* Clorox vs Zonrox
* Turn the lights on vs "Open" the lights
* Turn the lights off vs "Close" the lights
* Flip Flops vs Slippers
* Tennis Shoes vs Rubber Shoes


One other thing I realized yesterday as I was bargain shopping at the local market is that I won't be able to haggle when I purchase items in the States. I'm finally getting good at bargaining for a price I want. However, I'm betting that won't get me very far at all in Target...


Samuel asked me today why all of our family & friends back in Texas couldn't move to the Philippines with us. That way, we could stay forever. This is coming from my most sensitive child who had previously been begging us to move back to Texas. Now, he is having such a hard time leaving his group of wonderful friends behind in Subic. If nothing else, this experience will definitely help him learn to be more flexible and open minded in life... which is definitely a good thing! But, I honestly can't blame him. We are leaving behind such a beautiful country & terrific little town. Who wouldn't want to live here??


FilipinoBoston said...

So Sad to hear you're leaving.

maligaya said...

I enjoyed reading your blogs about the Philippines tremendously. I am sad that chapter of your life is coming to an end. I am the Filipina whom you met in Manila during the Journey concert.

FilipinoBoston said...

Filipinos are trying to reinvent the English language.

Brown out means to avoid a Black out. Brown out is only a small portion of the area w/o Electricity and Black out means that the entire City is without power.

It is common term for people who work in a Power plant. To Brown out is to avoid a Black out or power surge

In America the entire city is without power that's why it is more common to say Black out than brown out.

FilipinoBoston said...

Meaning of Brown Out

A reduction or cutback in electric power, especially as a result of a shortage, a mechanical failure, or overuse by consumers.

Anonymous said...

Also to add, BISCUIT (as was mentioned on the Gulley's story on Journey lead singer Arnel Pineda) is not the biscuit you know from KFC or McDonald's breakfast menu, what it really is is a cracker. The same saltine crackers you get from Wendy's when you order their Chili.

In the New York metropolitan area, "Mcdonald's" is also referred to as "Mickey Dees". I'm not sure if this term is used nationwide.

Wow, Tam is hot. As hot as Michelle Beadle, also from Texas, who's worked for (NBA) the New Jersey Nets as field reporter the last 2 years but is leaving for ESPN. I'm gonna miss her:(