Wednesday, May 20

Tadpole Club

We have a water fountain next to our house that doubles as a breeding ground for toads! I love listening to them croak after a good rain. The sound is soothing & calming at night. And, we have definitely been receiving quite a bit of rain here lately. So, the frogs are out in full force!

One of the kids favorite things to do is go fish out the tadpoles from the stagnant water. (I know... sounds sanitary, huh? They're kids... they're supposed to be dirty!) They have watched these little creatures grow from tiny specks to even bigger specks with legs. Every time they show me a cup or bowl full of tadpoles, I make sure they return them to the water so as not to hinder the frog population in the Philippines. I want the next person living in this home to enjoy the same toad symphony that we hear on a nightly basis.

Sammy dubbed the kiddos The Tadpole Club. Enjoy their cute pictures!

The Tadpole Club - Eva, Cade, Samuel, Rowan & Sydney

The handsome ring leader

Important meeting...

Mission complete!