Saturday, January 17

Sam & Kids at Tree Top

Unfortunately, Sam was not able to join us on our venture to Tree Top a few weeks back with Mom & Dad. So, he promised Sydney & Samuel that he would take them the first chance he could. The twins were thrilled to have some fun, quality time with Daddy! Luckily, the weather proved to be perfect for enjoying the beautiful Subic jungle a few Saturdays back. Although Nicholas is too young to enjoy the slow cable car ride, he & I went along to hang out & watch the action.

Sydney, Samuel & Sam getting all suited up:


In the meantime, Nicholas made a friend who was also too small to enjoy the treetop ride. They ran around together the full hour wait & had a great time playing! This adorable little boy's mom & I talked about getting them together for a playdate, but unfortunately, he lives in Manila. Would have been fun!

Just hanging out...

The twins are loving this!

They want to do it again!

Nick's turn for fun! The guide made a quick harness for Nicholas & took him on a walk on the hanging canopy bridge. Nick thought he was so big to go up by himself & walked it like a pro. The boy has NO fear whatsoever!

Waving to Mom


Lynn Leaming said...

Looks so cool! I love Sydney's "it's my brothers fault" shirt :)