Saturday, August 18

Trip to Baguio

A couple of weeks ago, our Texas Instruments team drove to Baguio City, up in the mountains. The guys had some work to do at the TI facility there, while the girls shopped. It was such a beautiful & fun trip! We had a great time!

On our way, we stopped to eat lunch at an outdoor restaurant surrounded by goldfish ponds. It was very scenic!

Sammy & Boys

Amberly & Sydney

Our Lunch Entertainment

Sammy filming me taking a picture of him
(With a LARGE rear behind him!!)

Sydney swinging

Fish Decor

After our fun lunch, we headed on to Baguio. Here are just a few pictures from our weekend there:

Village along mountain side

Kids at bottom of a hill in a beautiful park
in Camp John Hay

Sammy & Kids at Camp John Hay park

Twins standing by a very large tree with equally large leaves!

Posing on the porch at The Waffle House
(First waffles we've had since moving here! A HUGE deal!!)

Sydney trying her hand at driving

Sweet sibling picture at Tam-Awan Village

Nick & Samuel in mountains


Anonymous said...

Amberly, I just got caught up with the blog which I'm loving! Danny & I bought a house we have been flipping. School will be starting soon here too. The kids are going to do wonderful and I know it's going to help Sydney's independence. Girly those leaves are HUGE! Pull one off and dry it at home for the scrap book or photo album. Thanks for keeping us posted it is always nice to hear from you. I hope you feel better soon!


Jonetta said...

Makes my heart ache to see those kids' sweet smiles -- but warms my heart to see how much they are enjoying this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Their education is happening every single day you live there! How cool is that?! I absolutely love the scenery in your photos!!
Give the kiddos hugs and kisses from their Aunt Jon.
p.s. miss you bunches, too, lil' sis!!

Jenn said...

Awesome pics Amberly! The kids as well as you and Sammy look great!