Friday, August 3

Bike Ride Adventure

Well, I talked a little about our attempted bike ride in the previous post. We decided to get some use out of our bikes that somehow made it in the air shipment, while the important stuff was left out... all our clothes, our kitchen items, pillows & blankets, etc. But, dead gummit, we got our bikes!! So, in an effort to get out, get some fresh air & get some exercise, we decided to ride our bikes across the street from our condo at a little grassy park area with a dolphin fountain.

So, the kids got on their bikes, rode them into the elevator & when we got to the lobby, they rode across the large lobby all the way to the exit doors. As if I already wasn't disturbed by the amount of stares we get on a daily basis, this was ten times worse! A police officer kindly stopped the busy traffic for us so we could cross the street & helped Sydney push her bike across. Once we all finally got to the park, the kids enjoyed riding for probably a total of 5 minutes! The remainder of our time there was spent running around & admiring the dolphin statues. But, either way, I accomplished my goal of getting some fresh air & exercise.


Kristi said...

Sounds fun!!! I love the dolphins!!!

Jenn said...

You are one brave woman Amberly! Your children are blessed to have you as their mom!