Thursday, August 9

Filipino News - Livid?

This is the kind of news that makes headlines here:

"Escudero wants to know what ‘livid’ means
By Aurea Calica
Thursday, August 9, 2007

Senators’ quarrel over committee chairmanships turned into a comedy yesterday when one of them asked what “livid” meant.

Senate reporters were asking the senators to comment on the reported dissatisfaction of some of their colleagues in the way committee chairmanships were distributed by Senate President Manuel Villar Jr.

The STAR reported that the Senate minority bloc was livid because Villar allegedly preempted their unification by announcing the committee chairmanships on Monday even if senators from both the majority and the minority were seeking a deferment.

“Forgive me but what is meant by livid?” Sen. Francis Escudero asked in a text message to a radio reporter who sought his reaction to the statements of minority Senators Panfilo Lacson and Jamby Madrigal.

Reporters in the press office googled the word livid. One radio reporter took a handy electronic dictionary and said livid was defined as “sexual desire,” to the laughter of his colleagues. The radio reporter mistook the word livid for libido.

When reporters told Escudero they also did not know what the word meant, the young senator said he was serious. Livid is defined as “discolored, as from a bruise; black-and-blue; ashen or pallid; extremely angry or furious.”

On a serious note, Escudero expressed hopes that the bickering among senators with regard to the committees would soon end so they could buckle down to work..."


Stephanie said...

That is funny that it is so newsworthy! It is happier news than we hear around here though!