Thursday, March 8

Party Day

Today, the twins celebrated their 5th birthday at their preschool. Since their birthday is next week during Spring Break, we celebrated today! Samuel requested a cookie cake for his school celebration & cupcakes for his party at home. So, I ordered a small cookie cake from the Nestle Toll House Cafe. It was good, but way too rich!

On the way to the school, I stopped at Target to buy some party hats for the kids. Lo & behold, Target does not carry solid colored or generic party hats. In fact, Target does not have a very good party section at all! Well, atleast, the Super Target near me doesn't. I was so bummed. So, instead, I bought party horns because they were on clearance. $1.50 for 4 horns! TERRIBLE idea! When I handed them to the kids, all of them started blowing the horns at the same time. And, they are LOUD!! What in the world was I thinking? Eight kids all blowing party horns at the same time in their school classroom. TERRIBLE idea!!

Anyway, the kids loved the cookie cake & they had a great time.

By the way, do not bother to shop at Target while they are doing inventory. The shelves were so empty. Definitely not my best Target experience!


owldog said...

I have to ask, what kind of cake did Sydney want for her birthday celebration at school?

Amberly said...

Well, she didn't specify, so she shared the cookie cake with her brother!! In our house, you snooze, you lose!! :)

The cookie had both their names on it & was decorated gender neutral, so it worked.

For her party, though, she is requesting a unicorn cake. Somebody HELP!!!!