Tuesday, March 13


It is really hard for me to believe that Sydney & Samuel turned 5 yesterday. REALLY hard! Five years ago, I gave birth to two babies. Five years ago, I cried the first time I saw how tiny Samuel was. Five years ago, I underwent my first & only natural birth and then a c-section 20 minutes later. Five years ago, I had some of the worst night nurses imaginable! Five years ago, I marveled at how much thick, black hair Sydney had. Five years ago, I witnessed the miraculous hand of God who formed two very perfect babies inside my tummy and allowed them to enter the world free of health problems.

Happy birthday to my sweet twins!

We had a very fun day yesterday! Samuel chose to go to Ripley's Believe It or Not!, so he could look for a toy he was convinced came from there. (A little boy in his class has a toy that he apparently told Samuel came from Ripley's.) However, we couldn't find that particular toy, so he picked out a bow & arrow set he had been asking for. And, Sydney found a unicorn doll that she had been wanting. Hard to imagine that we found both gifts the kids had been asking for at a Ripley's gift shop!
Afterwards, Sydney's choice was the Fort Worth Zoo, so we headed there. The zoo was so much fun & the weather was perfect!! We saw all the animals & exhibits. (Except the birds... I DO NOT like the bird exhibit! It reminds me of that old Hitchcock movie.)

And, for dinner, the kids decided they wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese's. But, I thought of a better plan. (Mainly for Mom & Dad's sake!) So, instead, we took them to The Rainforest Cafe & had a great time! We all agreed the food & the atmosphere was so much better!

They had a wonderful birthday yesterday!

Now, I just need to finish planning their parties... ugh!


Lynn said...

Happy Birthday to Samuel and Sydney! I am glad that ya'll had such a fun day and celebration! May the Lord continue to bless you with such sweet joy watching your children grow!

Stephanie Carroll said...

How fun! That sounds like the perfect birthday! You guys are doing a great job Amberly!