Wednesday, March 7

Allergy Season

Allergy season is in full swing! And, I am miserable! I never had allergies when I lived in South Texas. It wasn't until I moved to the D/FW area 9 years ago that I experienced my very first ever allergy season. Anytime the cottonwood starts blooming, my eyes start watering & my nose starts pouring! And, I always look like a mess because I have red, bloodshot eyes & a red, raw nose.

I did a study for Fieldwork Dallas about a month or so ago on this very topic. They paid me to sit & complain about my allergies. (No problem!) And, we had to tell them how we felt about a new allergy product advertisement they were testing. I realized at that focus group that my allergies were extremely mild compared to so many of the other ladies sitting around the table. Mine only come twice a year... at the start of spring & the start of autumn. I suffer for about a month or more each season, but then I'm pretty much done. So many of the other ladies suffer year round. They stay on medication daily. That has got to be miserable! I can't imagine having a headache, itchy, watery eyes & a runny nose all year long!

And, in addition to the misery of allergies, my skin started itching like crazy yesterday. This usually happens to me at the start of winter. (Something else I didn't have in South Texas... dry skin.) But, lately, my skin has been so red & raw from my constant scratching. It's hard not to scratch when it brings so much relief at that very moment. I have no self-control... I may need that karate class more than Samuel!


Rachel said...

Casey has horrible allergies at the beginning of Spring and Autumn also and I'm thinking about sending him to a specialist - we'll see. But I have been lucky enough to never suffer from allergies, which is awesome! But I do have that scratching problem that you have - no self control! When I get mosquito bites or poison ivy or something like that, he always tells me not to scratch because he claims it makes it worse - easy for him to say!

Lynn said...

I don't know if you have every tried Benadryl pills, but they seem to do the trick for me when I am itching, and if not the clear gel does. I hate itching and have also made marks from scratching too hard. Hope you are better soon!