Friday, February 9

More Freebies!

Next week, I will have a birthday lunch for FREE!! And, by now, you all know how much I LOVE free stuff!!

I will first stop at Sonny Bryan's BBQ restaurant for an entirely FREE meal. And, as much as I love freebies, I LOVE Sonny Bryan's even more!! Yummmmm!! You can visit their website & if you sign up to receive e-mail offers from them, they will send you a free meal just for registering. I registered a couple of years ago & I hardly ever receive mail from them. Mainly on at Thanksgiving, Christmas & my free meal on my birthday. It's a great deal & a great meal!

Then, I'll be heading to Baskin-Robbins for my free ice cream cone! Same deal there... you can sign up for their "Birthday Club" to receive a free cone on your birthday. And, you can sign up your kids, also. It's fun & free!



Rachel said...

I love Sonny Bryan's so much! Casey and I stop there on our way home from church sometimes.