Friday, February 9

Growth Spurt

Samuel must be going through a growth spurt. Typically, he will eat half a sandwich with some chips & fruit for lunch. That's all he's ever wanted. Lately, he has been eating a whole entire sandwich & asking for a second one afterwards. In the morning, 2 waffles have always been plenty for him. Now, in addition to his 2 waffles, he wants 2 slices of toast. He's eating an entire package of Ramen noodles by himself now. Honestly, our pantry looks so empty right now because he is eating everything in sight! This is so unlike him! But, at the same time, I'm a little relieved that he's eating more. I always worried that he wasn't getting enough nutrients & vitamins, because he rarely ate. And, even though my pediatrician assured me that he was growing just fine for his age, I still wished he would eat what I would put on his plate for lunch & dinner. Now, I wish he would just slow down a bit so I can keep up! It's time to start buying 3 loaves of bread at a time!!