Wednesday, February 14

30 Valentines

So, what did you do on your 30th birthday? It's a milestone, right? Time to do something extravagant...

Here's what I did today:

* Cleaned our sofa & recliner. You know that "easy to clean" microfiber stuff that was all the rage several years ago? Not so "easy to clean" today! After gallons of drool from 3 kids, dried jelly from peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, and spilled juice due to leaky leak-proof sippy cups... it was time for a good cleaning. Not fun, but the results made me smile. Happy birthday to me!

* Vacuumed & spot cleaned our stairs. For the record, I NEVER wanted a two-story house. So, when we both fell in love with this home, Sammy promised he would take care of vacuuming the stairs. Hmmmmm... I went over each inch of each step with the vacuum hose & got in every nook & cranny with the corner tool. Then, I went a bit overboard with the Resolve to finally clean up the spilled chocolate milk & the spilled make-up Sydney got for Christmas. Lots of elbow grease, but they look new again! Happy birthday to me!

* Vacuumed & cleaned the mattress in our upstairs guest bedroom that our dog decided was meant for her. Sammy created a fun treasure hunt for me this morning, which included a clue placed on the mattress. When I found the clue, I had a hard time thinking of anything else but the black dog hair that seemed to cover the entire surface. Disgusting! I made up my mind right then & there to clean the entire mattress before the day was over. I barely made it, but the task is done! Happy birthday, dear Amberly!

* Made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for my birthday/Valentine's Day with the kiddos. We spent a good part of this afternoon drowning in multi-colored sprinkles, red & pink icing & heart candies. The kids had a HARD time falling asleep tonight, which I'm sure can be blamed on the massive amounts of sugar coursing through their veins. But, I had fun & they had fun & it was all worth it! Happy birthday to me!

I hope you all had a fun & memorable Valentine's Day! And, just so you don't think my sweet husband is completely in the dog house, he did plan a fun night out for us this weekend. I can't wait!


Stephanie Carroll said...

Happy Birthday Amberly! I didn't realize you have a Valentine's birhtday! How fun! Well, despite all the cleaing not being so much fun, I'm sure you feel good about all that you got done. It sounds like you were busy! It always makes me feel so much better and that all is right in the world when my house is clean...which is very rare.

Rachel said...

I'm like you - I love getting stuff clean! So good for you on all of your accomplishments yesterday! And Happy Birthday!

P.S. - those red velvet and cream cheese icing cup cakes sound wonderful!

Amberly said...

Rachel, I have LOTS of cupcakes left! Please take some off my hands!! I don't need another long night with sugar induced kids!

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday Amberly!! Sounds like you had fun. :) I know a clean house is the best feeling. I wish it was possible to keep it that way! Oh well! We can just be grateful we have such precious people to mess it up! :) Thank goodness they are cute. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you too! I didn't realize our birthdays were so close. Mine was really the 12th, but I didn't get to blog about it until later. Have a great weekend!