Tuesday, October 17

Purple Undies

Samuel has a favorite pair of underwear. (Is that normal?) He always wants to wear the same pair of purple Batman underwear. Now, before you worry about him, it's not a pretty, girly purple. It's a "Batman purple"! :) Very manly!

Anyway... he wants to wear these same undies every day. Therefore, I wash them almost every day. Yesterday, he asked to wear them, but they were in the dirty clothes basket. So, I promised him that I would wash them & he could wear them the next day. Well... I did wash a load of clothes, but I apparently failed to include the purple Batman underwear. This morning, he asked for them again & I told him to go dig through the freshly laundered clothes in the dryer. When he didn't find them, I told him they must be in the bottom of the laundry basket & that I would wash them in the next load.

So, of course, when we got home from the grocery store this afternoon, he asked again if his Batman undies were clean. I explained that I had not had time to start another load, but I would do it as soon as I could.

Samuel gave me an exasperated sigh & said, "Mom, just tell me what to do & I'll wash them." And, he did!! He proceeded to open the washing machine, take the dirty clothes out of the basket & one by one, throw them into the washer.

I love it!! Help has finally arrived! And, his name is Samuel!


Stephanie Carroll said...

That is so great! I can't wait till the day when Caleb can help out!

Becky said...

At this point, I might look into buying another few pairs of the exact same purple batman undies.
Ava has her favorite panties also, (she thinks they are Boots the Monkey, but really they are My Little Pony- I don't know how she is so confused about them, but I just let her call them whatever she wants). She picks them first when they are clean, but doesn't fret about it if they are dirty.