Sunday, October 29

Pumpkin Patch Pics

The kids enjoyed a fun afternoon at the local pumpkin patch last week. They picked out our perfect family pumpkin, which Sammy is in the process of carving right now! They each got to pick a pattern to carve on the pumpkin, so we have 3 different images carved into it. There's hardly any pumpkin shell left! Sydney picked out a kitty cat, Samuel picked out a spider web (which is why poor Sammy is STILL carving!), and Nick picked out a bat. It'll be a nice surprise for them in the morning.

Here are a couple of great shots of all three kids together:

Sydney & Nick are "loving" on their baby pumpkins. Samuel just loves to smile!

My sweet twins!

Sunflower Sydney

Scarecrow Samuel

Nick wanted a picture all by himself... so, he got it! Such a big boy!


SuzyQ007 said...

How cute! Was this taken at Cornerstone at N. Garland & Campbell? I've been meaning to take the kids, at least the two youngest, to the pumpkin patch. I just love those fall pictures! :)