Tuesday, October 3

Going Short

Well, I cut my hair off! It was pretty long, by my standards. And, it's now gone. My friend, Becky, kept Nicholas for me last Thursday while I went for my first cut. (That's right... I said "first cut"!) The stylist did a great job & gave me a really cute cut with flippy hair & all. However, I absolutely could not recreate the look she gave me! I just plain couldn't do it. And, if I can't do it when I have lots of time to try, then I sure can't do it when I'm in a hurry... which I usually am. So, after messing with it all weekend long, I gave the stylist a call back & told her I needed help. She was very sweet & told me to come in whenever I could & she would give me a "no fuss do"! YEA!! So, back I went with a cute magazine picture. "That's what I want", I said. She looked at me as if I was crazy & wanted to make sure that I really wanted to go shorter. "Absolutely!"

And, I love it! It's so much easier!

Sammy once saw pictures of me with really short hair. (Probably in college.) And, he used to call me "Amboyly". Although, I didn't go that short this time, I'm betting that was his first thought when he saw me walk out of the salon. It took a little while, but last night, he finally said, "It's cute." I'll take that!


Becky said...

you came back to richardson and got it even shorter? I can't wait to see it! Did she charge you for the second cut?

Amberly said...

Yep, I did go back to Richardson. And, she didn't charge me a penny for the 2nd cut. She was so nice about it all! I'll continue to go back to her. Thanks for the recommendation!

Stephanie Carroll said...

I can't wait to see it Amberly! I am growing my hair back out for the same reason...I just can't fix it and dont have the time to try. I wish I could fix my own hair.

Pauler Family said...

Pictures!! I want to see your hair and since I moved across state there isn't much chance I'm going to see you in person.